Canadian Onsite Marine Safety TrainingIs Terry the choice for your MED A3, MED A2, MED A1 or SVOP training needs?

  • Are you a company, organization or provincial, territorial or federal department?
  • Do you need small commercial marine safety training that meets Transport Canada requirements?
  • Do you have a group of employees or like-minded people that require marine safety training to carry out their job duties?

If so—then you have found the right marine safety training company!

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Canadian Onsite Marine Safety TrainingWhy Choose Terry for your MED A3, MED A2, MED A1 or SVOP training needs—

  • Over 30+ years experience in the marine industry,
  • Over 20+ years experience in marine safety training,
  • Terry travels to you—saving you time and financial resources for your organization,
  • Terry’s offers approved Transport Canada courses through Safer Ocean Systems,  and
  • Terry is an accredited instructor by Transport Canada with an Adult Education Learning Certificate.

Terry’s Marine Safety Background

Terry has been instructing for over 25+ years and has the ability to tailor training to meet a wide variety of geographical locations, learning abilities and cultural needs that are present in companies, groups and organizations.

Terry has over 30+ years in the marine industry. He has extensive navigational experience on the Great Lakes, Lake Winnipeg, Arctic and Canada’s West Coast.

Canadian Onsite Marine Safety TrainingTerry started out his career in the commercial fishing industry, then proceeded to bulk carriers on the Great Lakes and then to deep-sea ships as a merchant seaman.  Terry then finished off his commercial career in tug and barge operations in the Arctic. From there he started working for the Canadian Coast Guard working in search and rescue and retired in 2011 after 26 years of service as an Officer-in-Charge of a Search and Rescue Station.

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